Meet THe Team

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Cara Ferrone, Salon Coordinator

Cara Lynn Ferrone is one of Sasha's closest friends. She is the salon coordinator and receptionist. Cara is very personable, hardworking and dedicated to help accommodate all of our guests' needs. Cara does her best to ensure our clients have a pleasant experience at the salon!

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Julianne Poirier, receptionist

Julianne Poirier is one of Bellagente's receptionists. Julianne will greet you with a warm smile and is eager to help meet all our or clients and guests needs. 

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Kelly Hoye,  esthetician

A licensed master esthetician who graduated from Spa Tech Institute from the Advanced Esthetic program, Kelly has been practicing esthetics for over 10 years. She is also certified and has received specialized training in eye lash extensions, and further extended training in Russian Volume technique for eye lash extensions, for over 6 years. She is also well trained in all aspects of esthetics including facials, waxing, and makeup services. Her main goal is to provide all her clients with the greatest, most relaxing experience while making their skin and lashes look and feel their absolute best. Kelly’s friendly, warm, professional manner and desire for perfection in all she does will always ensure that no matter what service she performs, clients will leave happy, relaxed and glowing.

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Kelly Formalarie, Stylist

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, Kelly has acquired much skill, experience, and knowledge behind the chair. Kelly has always had a passion and talent for hair. She enjoys taking cutting, coloring and formal design classes both in Rhode Island and Boston.  Kelly feels when you work in the beauty industry you can never have too much education. After taking classes, she loves to bring back to the salon all the new tips and tricks she learned. Kelly loves to share her knowledge with her clients to help them meet their beauty needs. She is an expert at working with different hair types, has an excellent skill set with finish work and formal design. Kelly’s social, confident, knowledgeable and friendly personality allows her clients to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable.

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Jessica Graves, stylist

A 2011 graduate from Assebet Valley Tech School + a licensed cosmetologist, Jessica has worked in three salons since she has graduated but has found her perfect fit and home at Bellagente Salon Inc. She has a passion for hair and enjoys sharing her passion with her clientele. She does amazing work with special occasion and up styling hair services. Jessica decided to be a hairstylist because hair has allowed her to express and channel her creative side. Jessica loves to coloring, foiling and cutting to give her clients their desired look. She loves taking classes to continue her education regularly.  Jessica is also certified to perform airbrush tans through Aviva Labs Organic Airbrush Spray Tan.  Jessica’s professional, friendly, kind and informative manner ensure her clients that they will receive services that they are happy about and feel pampered and beautiful.

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Sasha Meyer, Owner & stylist

When I decided to open my own salon in 2012, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to name it. I knew I wanted the name to be Italian, as I am Italian descent. I wanted the name to write and sound beautiful along with connect with anyone. In Italian “Bella Gente” is two words, and means beautiful people. I decided to put the two words together and make it one word, “Bellagente Salon Inc.”

At Bellagente Salon the energy is positive and inviting. The atmosphere is welcoming and calm. The feel of the shop is shabby chic with a modern twist and cozy. We strive to make all clients feel comfortable and special while they are receiving services. Our goal is to make all our clients feel and look their very best, because at Bellagente Salon “You Deserve to Feel Beautiful!”

I have been doing hair for over 10 years. I graduated from Arthur Angelo the School of Cosmetology in Providence Rhode Island. I enjoy keeping up with my education and take classes as often as possible. I have been certified two times since 2008 through Deva Curl Concepts; a special cutting technique for curly hair, I am a level 2 Deva Advanced Stylist. I love taking coloring and cutting classes with Davines and do my best to go quarterly. I enjoy learning about hair smoothing systems as well, and currently use Cezanne Smoothing System. I am also certified to perform airbrush tans through Aviva Labs Organic Airbrush Spray Tan.

I’m thrilled to start a new adventure and chapter of my life, career and business in its new location in Milford, 207 Main Street. I’m very excited to watch Bellagente, my employees and clientele grow into what I’ve been dreaming and planning for, for so many years. I look forward to going to work every single day, seeing clients and making them feel their very best. I have a passion for hair, I love what I do because I love to make people look and feel beautiful!

"Passion is Energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you."-Oprah Winfrey


Marley-Bob & Fabio, Mini-schnauzer/Ihasa Apso-shih Tzu Mix

Marley-Bob (mini-schnauzer) and Fabio (lhasa apso-shih tzu mix) are ambassadors and protectors of the salon. They are both very friendly and  will greet you upon entering. Both pups are always willing to give and get love. Marley-Bob and Fabio are both licensed to be at the salon.