Gratuities accepted in cash only • All prices are a starting point and vary according to skin condition, lash condition and stylist performing service. Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the owner and stylist

What to do before an eye lash extension service

Please come to your eye lash extension service without any eye makeup. If you have eye makeup on we will ask you to wash it off. Please do not put any oils or oil based products near, around or on your lash line. Be prepared to relax and enjoy your lashing service, you may even snooze away while your service is being performed.

What to do post eye lash extension service; the first 24 hours:

To keep the longevity of your lash extension we recommend the following tips: Do not expose your lashes to water for up to 24 hours after your lash service. Do not perspire, go swimming, shower or be exposed to moisture or humidity for up to 24 hours after your lash service. Be mindful when sleeping as to not sleep on your face as this will disturb your lash extensions and could possibly make the extensions prematurely fall out

What to do post eye lash extension service; 24 plus hours and on:

24 hours after your lash extension service you are able to go about your normal activity which includes exposing your extensions to water, humidity, and perspiration, however over expose of heat and steam can lead to your lashes prematurely falling out. Avoid cosmetics, moisturizers, facial creams, makeup removers that contain oil along with any and all oil based products from getting on or near your eye lash extensions. These ingredients can make extensions prematurely fall out. Wash your lashes with our lash shampoo as directed by your stylist. Do not pick, rub or pull on your lash extensions as this will make your extensions prematurely fall out. Do not comb extensions while wet. Do not curl your extensions. Pat dry your extensions with paper towel or a tissue not a traditional towel as rubbing or drying your lashes with a traditional towel will prematurely make your extensions fall out.Do not use mascara on your extensions. The ingredients in mascara can break down the adhesive leading to lashes prematurely falling out. Natural lashes shed just like our hair sheds. This means that when your natural lash sheds your extension will come out with it. However, our lashes grow back just like our hair. Everyone’s rate of shedding is different. Talk to your lash specialist to determine the best amount of time in between lash services to schedule your fill/touch up service

If you have any questions or concerns please call the salon as we are more than happy to help with any of your needs.